Flat Roof

Flat patios provide functional cover and with the right design expertise can make a signature statement to any outdoor entertaining area.

A Versatile Patio Solution

Custom flat patios are made from powder-coated steel tubes, double-sided colour sheeting and architecturally inspired ‘edge’ gutter.

Flat patios are simple, yet elegant and with the right design expertise can make a signature statement to any outdoor area. Flat patio options can incorporate various design features such as boundary columns, roof sheet overhang, edge gutter, drip edge barges, riser brackets, flat deck sheeting, insulated panels, skylights and low voltage downlights. Custom flat patio designs are functional and cost-effective.

Flat patios can be designed attached to the existing home, or as a freestanding structure and can be used in various applications such as carports, verandahs or patios.

Stratco Flat Roof Patios

The Stratco Outback Flat Roof Patio design will help create an attractive and functional outdoor living area, enhancing your home and lifestyle with the smooth, simple, uncluttered lines of this classic style. Versatile to be configured to cover any area around the home, the Stratco patio flat roof design is ideal as a single unit or can be incorporated with a gable roof, curved roof, or pergola system for extra cover.

Stratco Patios

Expertise and Quality

Abel Patios reputation for quality and workmanship is backed by trade qualified installers, experienced supervisors and registered builders. Our commitment to quality ensures that every patio we install is compliant with the Building Code, Building Regulations and Building Act. With our long-standing presence in the industry and a fiercely regulated quality controlled process, you can trust our dedication to lasting quality.

Stratco Outback Flat

The Stratco Outback Flat Patio has been fully tested and certified by independent structural Engineers. Using only top-quality materials, you are protected by a 25-year structural guarantee.

The Outback flat is best recognised for its eye-pleasing Outback beam, flat ceiling finish of the Outback deck and the on-trend ’160 edge gutter’. High tensile steel allows impressive unsupported sheet spans of 4.5m. The beams of the Stratco Outback Flat Roof Patio can span up to 8.4 metres and are available in either 120mm or 150mm sizes. With aluminium timber printed column wraps, a bulkier ‘rustic’ appearance is also achievable. Available in a variety of design options including deck overhang, skillion options, and flyover brackets for overlapping house roof cover, the Outback flat building patios can even be designed without side beams due to the self-supporting roof sheeting.

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I initially engaged Abel to install a new back patio, but after being so impressed with their service, I had them install a carport & front veranda. From the lovely ladies in the office to the installers & everyone I dealt with in between, these guys go out of their way to ensure the customer is satisfied, & the build is finished to a quality standard. I highly recommend Abel, & if I had any more roof space to attach something else I would definitely get Abel in to do the job. Cheers Abel team.

Vicki Botterell

Abel Patios are a delight to deal with. They are highly professional and reasonably priced, consulting you on your project every step of the way and always responding promptly when contacted. They were recommended to me by a trusted friend, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking quality workmanship from a professional company with integrity.

Cameron Maller

Abel Patios have just built a new carport at my place and, given their prompt, friendly efficient service, I’d thoroughly recommend them. From the first contact with their clear-speaking informative receptionist to the salesman and the two beauties who erected the frame + the two roofers as well as the chaps who checked progress, they were wonderful! Please note, Abel got the job after I’d spoken with 3 other companies who gave me the impression that they were overworked and worn out, which sapped my confidence in their ability to build a carport to my satisfaction. All communication with Abel was the very opposite, certainly made me feel like a valued customer right the way down the line. Excellent mob and excellent job!

Suzanne Covich

Just wanted to thank Abel Patios for the tremendous work your team did on the louvre patio. It looks like new and beyond my expectation. Also, the consideration your team extended to myself in work ethic and in cleaning up. Much appreciation and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to install a patio.

Deborah Blake

I was extremely impressed with Able Patios from the first time I contacted them for a quote. The salesman was on time, was well presented and knowledgeable about the job and what was required. The guys who came to remove the roof and replace it were very professional and experienced. Nothing was too much trouble and the quality of the work was exceptional. Lyndon O’Keefe the owner was on site regularly, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Able Patio’s. I’m very pleased with the outcome and experience.

Dorinda McKay

I couldn’t be happier with my new patio! Everyone at Abel Patios & Abel Roofing has been amazing from start to finish. They made the whole process easy. It was done in a timely manner, the workmanship and materials used are high quality. I would Highly recommend.

Ciara Fitzpatrick

We have been renovating for years and Abel is easily the most pleasant, customer first company we have dealt with. They made the process so easy, from Kim who did the initial quote, to the guys who did the fitting and even the company owner Lyndon checking into ensure we were happy. Excellent service. Cant recommend them highly enough. It was all so straightforward.

Leona Kyle

A very professionally run company, the whole experience was hassle free from point of referral to project completion. Excellent communication from Lyndon and his staff. Project delivered on time as planned, installers and delivery personnel extremely polite and easy to have on my premises. I would not hesitate to recommend Abel Patios.

Anne Claxton

Protection from the Elements

A flat roof patio provides essential shade during Perth’s scorching summers, creating a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor space. The shade cools the flooring, seating, and other areas of your backyard, making them much more comfortable during hot weather. Additionally, patios offer protection during the winter months, ensuring your patio space remains usable and inviting year-round. By shielding your outdoor area from harsh weather conditions, a patio helps maintain the longevity and condition of your outdoor furnishings and installations.

Adding Value to Your Home

Investing in a patio is a cost-effective way to enhance your property’s value. These patios are among the most affordable designs, yet they offer significant benefits that improve your home’s functionality and aesthetics. A well-designed patio adds an attractive, modern touch to your property, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Furthermore, the additional outdoor living space it provides can be a major selling point, giving your home a competitive edge in the real estate market.

Ease of Maintenance

Flat roofs are accessible and easy to maintain. Their simple design reduces the hassle of cleaning and upkeep, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the burden of extensive maintenance. With fewer nooks and crannies compared to more complex roofing designs, flat roofs are straightforward to clean, typically requiring just a broom or a hose. This ease of maintenance ensures that your patio remains in top condition with minimal effort, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

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When it comes to designing and building your new patio, Abel Patios is here to help. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, from initial design to final installation, ensuring your new patio meets all your expectations. Contact us today to get started on transforming your space with a stylish, durable patio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a flat roof and skillion patio?

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A flat roof patio has a 1-2 degree pitched roof, offering a clean and modern appearance while providing shade and protection from the elements. On the other hand, a skillion patio has a prominent sloping roof of at least 5 degrees. Forward falling and reverse falling skillion patio options provide both practical and aesthetically pleasing home improvements. It offers a unique visual appeal and can be customised to suit any application.

Can you deck a flat roof patio?

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Yes, it is possible to deck a flat roof patio. Decking can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a flat roof patio, providing a solid and visually appealing surface for outdoor activities and furniture placement. Consideration should be given to the sequence of your deck and patio installation. It is advisable to consult with Abel Patios directly to inquire about the feasibility of adding a deck to your specific flat roof patio design.

What roof options are available on a flat roof patio?

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Cladding options include flat profiled Cdek sheets, insulated Solarspan panels or a traditional corrugated roof sheet. Ceiling colours can determine the level of light refraction and varying gutter profiles can also enhance the appearance of the flat patio. Gutter options include ‘Edge’ gutter, square style fascia gutter or colonial style gutter to suit heritage themed homes.

Are flat roof patios expensive?

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Flat roof patios are generally considered a more affordable patio option. However, the cost can vary depending on factors such as size, materials used, add on features, and site specific customisation. To obtain an accurate quote and understand the pricing details, it is recommended to get in touch with Abel Patios directly.