Commercial Carports

Our commercial carports come in various sizes, materials, and custom-designed options to ensure they fit perfectly with your specific requirements.

Types of Commercial Carports

Beyond our competitive pricing, our carports come with structural and workmanship warranties for added peace of mind.

Abel Patios is a fully licensed and insured commercial carport builder in Perth, boasting an extensive list of high profile projects and satisfied customers.

Our carport designs come in various forms: flat, skillion, custom gables, curved, and combination units.

Commercial steel carports are also available in both freestanding and attached applications.

We offer the following types of commercial patios:

  • Commercial Flat Roof Carports
  • Commercial Skillion Carports
  • Custom Gable Roof Carports
  • Curved Carport Structures
  • Combination Carport Structures

Commercial gable patios

For maximum height clearance and ventilation, a pitched gable patio is perfect for large gatherings. Long spanning trusses eliminate the requirement for additional columns, creating a user friendly space with minimal obstruction. With various sheeting options available, you can create a contemporary style ceiling or a classic corrugated roof profile.

Stratco Patios


I initially engaged Abel to install a new back patio, but after being so impressed with their service, I had them install a carport & front veranda. From the lovely ladies in the office to the installers & everyone I dealt with in between, these guys go out of their way to ensure the customer is satisfied, & the build is finished to a quality standard. I highly recommend Abel, & if I had any more roof space to attach something else I would definitely get Abel in to do the job. Cheers Abel team.

Vicki Botterell

Abel Patios are a delight to deal with. They are highly professional and reasonably priced, consulting you on your project every step of the way and always responding promptly when contacted. They were recommended to me by a trusted friend, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking quality workmanship from a professional company with integrity.

Cameron Maller

Abel Patios have just built a new carport at my place and, given their prompt, friendly efficient service, I’d thoroughly recommend them. From the first contact with their clear-speaking informative receptionist to the salesman and the two beauties who erected the frame + the two roofers as well as the chaps who checked progress, they were wonderful! Please note, Abel got the job after I’d spoken with 3 other companies who gave me the impression that they were overworked and worn out, which sapped my confidence in their ability to build a carport to my satisfaction. All communication with Abel was the very opposite, certainly made me feel like a valued customer right the way down the line. Excellent mob and excellent job!

Suzanne Covich

Just wanted to thank Abel Patios for the tremendous work your team did on the louvre patio. It looks like new and beyond my expectation. Also, the consideration your team extended to myself in work ethic and in cleaning up. Much appreciation and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to install a patio.

Deborah Blake

I was extremely impressed with Able Patios from the first time I contacted them for a quote. The salesman was on time, was well presented and knowledgeable about the job and what was required. The guys who came to remove the roof and replace it were very professional and experienced. Nothing was too much trouble and the quality of the work was exceptional. Lyndon O’Keefe the owner was on site regularly, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Able Patio’s. I’m very pleased with the outcome and experience.

Dorinda McKay

I couldn’t be happier with my new patio! Everyone at Abel Patios & Abel Roofing has been amazing from start to finish. They made the whole process easy. It was done in a timely manner, the workmanship and materials used are high quality. I would Highly recommend.

Ciara Fitzpatrick

We have been renovating for years and Abel is easily the most pleasant, customer first company we have dealt with. They made the process so easy, from Kim who did the initial quote, to the guys who did the fitting and even the company owner Lyndon checking into ensure we were happy. Excellent service. Cant recommend them highly enough. It was all so straightforward.

Leona Kyle

A very professionally run company, the whole experience was hassle free from point of referral to project completion. Excellent communication from Lyndon and his staff. Project delivered on time as planned, installers and delivery personnel extremely polite and easy to have on my premises. I would not hesitate to recommend Abel Patios.

Anne Claxton

Commercial Flat Roof Carports

Commercial flat-roof carports are popular due to their simplicity and effectiveness. With a sleek, horizontal roof, these structures are particularly suitable for businesses with limited space, or those who prefer a minimalist design.

Commercial Skillion Carports

Skillion carports, also known as mono-pitched or shed-style carports, feature a single, sloping roof and are known for their modern look and excellent drainage capabilities. The angled roof allows quicker water release, which is ideal for regions with heavy rainfall.

Custom Gable Roof Carports

Custom gable roof carports offer a traditional aesthetic that pairs well with many architectural styles. Featuring a peaked roof, these carports provide added height and airflow, making them perfect for larger vehicles such as vans or trucks.

Curved Carport Structures

Curved carport structures stand out with their elegant, arching roofs that provide a unique and visually striking design. Thanks to their smooth, curved lines, these carports are aesthetically pleasing and highly effective at draining water. Enhance the facade of your property with a gracefully curved canopy that provides genuine cover and increased height clearance.

Combination Carport Structures

Commercial combination carports are the ultimate solution for businesses requiring multi-use spaces. These structures combine carports with enclosed storage units or workshops under one roof. This type is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to maximise their usable space without expanding their footprint. Combination carports can be customised in design, materials, and finishes to meet specific operational needs and aesthetic preferences.

Benefits of Installing Commercial Carports

Installing commercial carports offers a range of benefits for any business. From enhancing operational efficiency to improving the aesthetic appeal of your property, here are the key advantages:

  • Vehicle Protection
  • Enhanced Property Value
  • Customisation Opportunities

Vehicle Protection

One of the primary benefits of commercial carports is the protection they offer vehicles. By shielding cars, trucks, and other vehicles from harsh weather conditions like sun, rain, and hail, carports help extend the life of your assets. In addition, quality construction reduces maintenance costs and downtime associated with weather-related damage.

Enhanced Property Value

Commercial carports add a significant aesthetic and functional value to any property. Well-designed carports improve the overall appearance of business premises and can make a property more attractive to potential renters or buyers.

Customisation Opportunities

Commercial carports can be completely customised to suit a business’s specific needs and branding. Businesses can tailor their carports to match their operational requirements and aesthetic preferences, from choosing materials and colours to adding features like gutters and lighting.

Commercial Carport Installation Process

We make sure we follow every industry standard with our carport installations are process is as follows:

  • Site Assessment

  • Acquiring Building Permits

  • Design Finalisation

  • Foundation Preparation

  • Carport Assembly

  • Handover

Site Assessment

The first step in installing carports is conducting a thorough site assessment. This involves evaluating the intended location for the carport to ensure it is suitable. Factors considered include the size of the area, the type of terrain, accessibility for installation equipment, and proximity to other structures.

Acquiring Building Permits

Before installation begins, obtaining the necessary permits from local authorities is crucial. The requirements for permits can vary depending on the location, size, and type of carport. Our team assists in navigating these regulations, ensuring that all necessary documentation is filed and that the carport meets all local building codes and zoning laws.

Design Finalisation

Once the site is assessed and permits are in place, the next step is finalising the design of the new carport. This includes selecting materials, colours, and additional features such as lighting, gutter systems, or integrated solar panels. During this phase, customisation and roof options are tailored to the client’s specifications to ensure the carport meets their aesthetic and functional preferences.

Foundation Preparation

Proper foundation preparation is critical for stability and longevity. Depending on the size and type of carport, this might involve laying a concrete foundation, setting footers, or other ground stabilisation methods. The foundation must support the carport’s structure and withstand environmental stresses like wind loads.

Carport Assembly

With the foundation prepared, the next step is assembling the carport. This stage involves constructing the frame, installing the roofing material, and adding any side panels or additional structural components. Our skilled installation teams use high-quality materials and follow strict construction guidelines to ensure every carport is built to last.


The final step in the installation process is a comprehensive inspection to ensure everything has been installed correctly and safely. This includes checking the structural integrity, ensuring all features function as intended, and confirming compliance with all local codes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Carports

We are committed to addressing your questions and concerns, providing clarity and information before you request a quote. If you have any inquiries about our services, please refer to the information below.

What vehicles can commercial carports accommodate?

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Commercial carports can be designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, from standard cars and vans to larger vehicles such as buses and trucks. We can customise your carports’ height, length, and width to meet your needs.

Can commercial carports be customised for company branding?

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Absolutely. We offer a variety of customisation options, including colour choices, roofing styles, and additional features like signage or decorative elements that can align with your company’s branding and architectural style.

What is the installation time for a commercial carport?

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The duration of the installation process can vary depending on the size and complexity of the carport design. Typically, it takes anywhere from a few days to a week. We provide a detailed timeline following the initial site assessment and design finalisation.

Are commercial carports weather-resistant?

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Yes. Our carports are built with high-quality materials selected for their durability and resistance to weather conditions. Options include galvanised steel and aluminium, which are effective in resisting rust, decay, and damage from elements like wind and rain.

How much do commercial carports cost?

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The cost of a commercial carport can vary widely based on size, materials, customisation, and additional features. We provide detailed quotes based on your specific requirements to ensure you clearly understand the costs involved.

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