Choosing a patio can be an exciting process. With state-of-the-art design software, ABEL can create a conceptual visualization of your patio design, ensuring you know exactly what you’re getting before it’s built.

Custom Patio Designs for All Applications

Our design consultants, project supervisors and tradesmen are extensively experienced across a wide range of steel patio designs.

Our custom patio designs, fabricated from RHS patio tube are perfect for ‘patio designs on a budget’. Custom patios and carports manufactured from RHS steel tube provide great flexibility for combination units and non standard design options.

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Stratco Patio Designs

At the top end of the market is the iconic Stratco Outback patio and carport range. The Outback is a flagship patio system providing a genuine long-lasting solution. Manufactured from high tensile, high gloss, cold rolled Colorbond steel, the Outback has a superior design life with a Stratco backed 25 year warranty.

Abel cater for all ends of the market and we do it with a fierce focus on delivering 5 star service experiences.

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Flat Roof Patios

Flat patios are simple yet elegant and with the right design expertise can make a signature statement to any outdoor area. They are available as both custom steel tube patio or as an Outback flat patio.

Gable Patios

Gable Patio designs are a crowd favorite. Gable roof patios are endowed with an open feel that will enrich your home and outdoor area. The pitched roof of a gable patio complements traditional house roofs and adds a sense of spaciousness to covered areas.

Combination Patios

Combination units are ideal for larger areas requiring functional cover whilst adding the architectural flair of a feature centerpiece. Our combination units will seamlessly integrate with each other providing weatherproofing from end to end.

Dome Patios

The smooth clean lines of a curved roof patio will form a graceful canopy over any outdoor area. With increased height clearance and fewer ‘nooks and crannies’ than a gable design, dome patios are as practical as they are eye pleasing.

The option to infill each end with translucent polycarbonate provides additional weatherproofing without compromising light transmission.

Pergola Patios

Pergola Patios from Abel Patios Perth create an inviting open-air setting that lets light in and improves the appearance of your home. They provide shade and protect recreation areas and delicate plants.


Our range of carport patio designs cater for functional ‘no frills’ design criteria’s as well as carports required to make an architectural statement.

Sunroof Patios

Sunroof Patios are ideal for mixed use areas, allowing full or partial sunlight in to an area and can be completely closed to keep the rain at bay. The Stratco opening roof system is unmatched by any other design. A fully operable Stratco louvre roof is perfect for the entertaining aficionado.