What processes are involved into getting a patio installed?

Gable to boundary with polycarbonate sheeting

Gable to boundary with polycarbonate sheeting

Step 1: Meet with one of our design consultants who will assist you with a design of a patio that reflects the style you are after.

Step 2: After acceptance of quote and your deposit is paid, you will need to send in a copy of your site plans along with a copy of your certificate of title. Further documents may be required depending on your local council and if your patio has a reduced setback from a boundary. Once all documents have been received your building application will lodged with your local council. We endeavour to get details off to your respective council within 48 hours providing we have the required information.

On average a building permit council application will take 4-6 weeks in council. During this time we will request updates from the council to make sure all is on track. Should we be required to submit a planning application to council, additional information and time will be required for council to approve your patio.

Step 3: Once your building/planning permit has been received, a final site measure will be organised with our patio supervisor before materials can be ordered. This is usually completed a few days after we receive your council approvals. We will call to arrange a suitable time and generally require an hour to confirm the finer details with you.

Step 4: Materials are then ordered with our suppliers. Generally they require 10-15 working days for fabrication and delivery of the materials.

Step 5: Installation of your patio will generally be a few days after delivery of your materials. The average patio takes 2-4 days to install, depending on the size and the shape. Patios that are larger in size or have special specifications may take a day or two longer two install.

Step 6: Payment is due upon practical completion of your new patio. An invoice will be sent to you. This can be paid by EFT, cheque, cash or credit card (fees may apply).

Step 7: Enjoy your new patio and remember to give it regular maintenance to get the best lifespan out of it.

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