Top Tips For Choosing Your New Patio

Choosing the right patio for your Perth home can be exciting and a bit overwhelming at times!  These days there are a large range of patio options on offer to choose from.  The addition of an outdoor patio can make a huge difference to your home and really extend your living or entertaining area.  Here are our top 6 tips on choosing your new outdoor patio!

Location of patio

Before getting your new patio installed, carefully consider where you wish to have your new home addition located.   Which side of the house will the patio be located?  North facing patios will get sun for most of the day and can get very hot.  Therefore you may need to consider insulated patio roofing such as Cooldeck roof sheets.  Not only will Cooldeck roof sheets keep the patio area cooler, they also look great from underneath.

Size of patio

With smaller blocks of land becoming more common in Perth suburbs, the patio size can be an important consideration.  The size of your land may limit you patio size and you will also need to consider boundaries such as fence lines.  Think about what your main use for the patio is when selecting your size.  Are you trying to extend your outdoor living space or are you looking for an entertainment area?  Remember to take into account the things that you would like under to have under your new patio such as barbecue, flower beds and furniture while still allowing space to enjoy yourself.

Design of patio

What style patio do you want for your home?  You need to look at the style and design of your home and try to select a patio that will flow with your home.  An older style home may suit a gabled patio whereas a more modern home design may look better with a flat patio.  Depending on the patio design you choose, you can add height, shade or privacy from your neighbours.


The addition of a patio can impact the amount of light that enters your home. You also want to have the right amount of light under your patio so that it is cool in summer while still allowing light into the area.  Most people want some light in winter but have plenty of shade to beat the Perth summer heat.  A modern polycarbonate patio will allow the light through but will also allow heat transfer.  A metal patio is a popular option and you can select to have some skylights included to allow light through.  Choose Clearspan double sided colour roof sheets for an attractive finish to your patio.  Another option is getting an openable remote operated Sunroof to give both light and weather protection – the ultimate solution and looks great!


A patio should ideally provide protection from harsh winds while still allowing some airflow to keep the area cool.  You will need to consider this when choosing your new patio.  A gabled roof patio allows more space for air to move and hot air to rise.

Roof options

There are many options when it comes to selecting your new patio roof.   A great new roof option is insulated roof panels such as Cooldek or Solarspan, which keeps your patio cool in summer and warm in winter. Or choose modern polycarbonate roof sheets which let good amounts of light through but also allow heat transfer, more so than other roofing materials such as metal.

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