Stratco Gazebo Roof Patio

Complete the open end of your Stratco Outback Gable from Abel Patios with a Gazebo. Gazebo Roof Patios are designed to add that new dimension to your verandah, pergola or patio while also complementing the existing architecture of your home.

Let Abel Patios add a new dimension to your verandah or patio with a Stratco Gazebo Roof Patio

The Stratco Outback Gazebo End exudes charm and character and adds a new dimension to the end of a Stratco Outback Gable.

It provides the finishing touch with its distinctive form that imparts a refined and elegant air to your home and works especially well on homes with bay windows and hexagon forms in the roof design.

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Gazebo Roof Patio Details

Gazebo Roof Patios
Gazebo Roof Patios

Gazebo roof patios are distinctive in their design, with a subtle rounded feel.

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