Louvre and

For a patio with full weather control, you can’t look past our operable roof systems.

Louvre Sunroofs

Sunroof Patios are ideal for mixed use areas, allowing full or partial sunlight in to an area and can be completely closed to keep the rain at bay.

Sunroof Patios from Abel Patios Perth let you take control of the weather with electronically controlled louvres that open and close to your desired position. This allows the breeze and sunlight in when the weather is fine and provides protection when the clouds set in.

Operable louvre roofs are available as part of the Stratco Outback range or the more prominent Stratco Allure system. Allure uses the same louvres and working parts as the Stratco sunroof, however is encapsulated in an all-aluminum sizeable frame, internal gutters and 100mm crisp columns. Allure is warranted for 15 years up to 100 metres from breaking surf and also has a 10 year paint guarantee.

Stratco Sunroof Patio

The Stratco opening roof system is unmatched by any other design. A fully operable Stratco louvre roof is perfect for the entertaining aficionado. It’s wide 200mm flat aluminum louvres open and close on command via a wall switch or remote control. Louvres open to 135 degrees for full complete sun control and a rain sensor enables complete protection of your outdoor furniture.

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Control the weather with a Stratco Sunroof Patio

The versatile Outback Sunroof provides adjustable sun-shade and weather protection wherever it’s needed. It can be combined with other styles from the Stratco Outback range, or used on its own as an awning, pergola, veranda or patio.

Convenient control

The hand held remote controls the level of sunlight, shade and weather shielding by adjusting the rotating louvre blades. These louvres can be rotated to the fully open position to allow for complete overhead sun, or partially open to provide shade and protection while providing adequate ventilation.

The opening direction of the louvres can be aligned in any one of four directions during installation to optimise light and ventilation control.

Automated intelligence

A rain sensor is fitted to the sunroof as standard, so the louvres automatically close when rain is detected, providing protection from the weather. When the louvres are in the closed position, they form an interlocking profile providing protection from the rain.

Superior, durable design

The Stratco Outback Sunroof is available in both flat and gable designs. Spanning up to 3.9 metres for flat, and 7.2 metres for gable designs with strong, well-engineered blades. The powder coated aluminium blades have an inbuilt weather strip, reducing noise and forming a tight seal. The Sunroof’s moving parts use specially designed bushes for whisper quiet performance.

Quiet and effortless

The Stratco Outback Sunroof’s louvres rotate with a smooth and quiet operating action due to the system’s specially designed bushes in the moving parts.
The louvres are driven by a powerful 24 volt Linak actuator for reliable long life operation.

Complement the entire Stratco Outback Range

The Outback Sunroof louvre blades have been specially designed with a unique, softly ribbed profile so they “look and feel” like part of the Stratco Outback family. When in the closed position, the louvres form an interlocking profile that is both clean-lined and aesthetically similar to Outback Deck.