Patio Care & Maintenance Guide

Patios Perth - Care and MaintenanceRegular maintenance is essential to maintain the good looks of your patio. It will ensure you receive the maximum possible life-span for a steel product in your location, this is especially important for coloured pre-painted steel. Failure to keep the patio materials clean will void product warranty.

To maintain the products surface, wash it with clean water at least every three months. A more frequent wash is recommended in coastal or industrial areas. Maintenance must be frequent enough to prevent dust, salts, pollutants and any other material to accumulate on the product and reduce its life. Products that are regularly washed by the rain may require little or no additional maintenance as the rain should wash dust, salts, pollutants away.

Wash areas that are not naturally cleaned by rain with fresh clean water. It is recommended that you clean the surface as often as you would wash your car to maintain its duco. Once again… maintenance must be frequent enough to prevent dust, salts, pollutants and any other material to accumulate on the patio steelwork and reduce its life.

If washing with clean water does not completely clean the surface, a mild solution of detergent should be added to the water and applied with a very soft bristled nylon brush. Do not use a coarse or hard brush as it may scratch the patio materials. Rinse the coloured surface thoroughly with clean water to remove detergents. Never use abrasive or solvent based cleaner such as turps, metho, petrol or kerosene.

Try not to expose your patio to factors that can involve increase pollutants or in areas with aggressive environmental factors that could reduce the life of the steel. This may include areas near: barbeques, ovens, diesel fumes, air conditioners, clothes dryers, sprinklers, pools/spas, bore water, water softeners and industrial applications.

Good maintenance is vital and we hope that you enjoy your patio for years to come.

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