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patios in canningWhen building your Patio, Carport, or Gazebo in the City of Canning, in most cases a building permit is required. Abel Patios will ensure that all the necessary paperwork is submitted and approved by the council before commencing construction. We ensure all the applicable drawings and documents for planning approval and building permit are supplied so the Canning council can assess and approve the application as quickly as possible.

In the City of Canning it is dependent on the size of the patio for a building permit to be required. With Abel ensuring the regulations are adhered to you will not need to determine this requirement as they will ensure a permit is applied for if it is necessary. The Canning Council considers patios and verandahs as open sided roofed areas used to provide shade to outdoor areas on residential properties. They have solid roof sheeting, as opposed to a pergola which may have an open weave permeable roof covering.

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