Advantages of installing and utilising a patio in the winter months

patios-in-winterMost homeowners consider outdoor structures such as patios are best to build during the spring and summer months, however there are many advantages to building a patio in Perth over the cooler months. With the potential of shorter installation times, you will also get an outdoor patio that is up and running in time to enjoy the warmth of spring and the beginning of the outdoor living season.

Winter Benefits

Whilst patios offer numerous benefits during the summer, from creating shade to keep you cool and protecting outdoor furniture from damaging effects of UV rays to providing a great outdoor entertainment area. Many people only associate patios with beating the summer heat, and don’t think they provide any benefits during the winter. This isn’t the case however as their are many reasons to having this outdoor area when it’s cold outside.

Firstly, it helps shelter your home during storms – A patio can help protect the adjoining part of your house from the effects of the storm and just as a patio keeps your home cooler during the summer, it can keep your patio warmer during the winter.

Utilise your patio in the winter months with the help of space heaters – If you feel like winter weather forces you to hibernate indoors, your patio can help you enjoy more time outside. Just add a space heater or two and you can sit outside, substantially extending your yearly outdoor living time.

Entertain with a winter BBQ – Patios also offer you a chance to enjoy summertime activities in the dead of winter. If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, investing in a patio will shelter you from the elements so you can grill perfect meals, no matter how cold the weather.

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